Welcome to Halo Freaks.

It's about halo fans who are dilusional whilst in their spartan suits, and have these weird adventures. Still room for 1 author.


I'll (hopefully) update the links section weekly so if you want a comic of yours linked just PM me a logo that is 88x30 and the URL

Get some exposure for your comic

If you would like me to put a link on this site to your comic, just post here the address to the button(must be 88x31) and the address to your comic.

Rules-All authors read

1. Make sure you say who's doing the next comic.
2.No insulting other others
3.Do not have more than 1 character as your self, no bro or sisters, unless you PM me and ask.


Don't ask how it happened I don't realy know but the original HF comic was deleted. Hopefully all the authors will return. So enjoy!

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