I'll (hopefully) update the links section weekly so if you want a comic of yours linked just PM me a logo that is 88x30 and the URL


7uj76jki8 (Guest),

8908790u7 jum

Z (Guest),


GGH (Guest),


jnj (Guest),

jjjjjhg jjjjhgjghj

Gangsman (Guest),

I wanna be an author I've read your guys comics and I think there realy cool

Gangster117 (Guest),

Author man i wanna be I realy love these comics I want to be an author plz I'm realy good with comics if I get sprites


great website i think your comics are the best! i want to join because i am good with comics

ace (Guest),

awsome i think you guys are all gay

ssss (Guest),

ssss ssss

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